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Taste of Vietnam™

An extraordinary festival unveiling the beauty of Vietnamese culture, the latest fashion, crafted cuisine,

while raising awareness against human trafficking and child exploitation

within our city Toronto and all over the world.

Taste of Vietnam™ is registered with Canadian Intellectual Property Office as of February 2, 2022.

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Art Exhibition

Ao Dai Parade & Cultural Fashion Show

Experience the vibrant colors and diverse styles of traditional Vietnamese Cultural Fashion Show. Featuring the latest designs from talented Vietnamese designers, this event showcases the beauty and cultural significance of clothing from different regions in Vietnam. From the intricate patterns of the Hmong ethnic minority to the elegant silk dresses of central Vietnam, each piece on the runway tells a unique story about Vietnam's rich history and cultural heritage. Join us as we celebrate the beauty of Vietnamese fashion and the creativity of Vietnamese designers. But beyond the celebration of beauty, the Fashion Show and Ao Dai Parade also serve a noble purpose by raising awareness about the issue of human trafficking.

Music Concert

Join us for an unforgettable experience as we showcase the diversity and richness of Vietnamese music. From traditional folk melodies to contemporary hits, our talented musicians will take you on a journey through Vietnam's vibrant music scene. Get ready to dance the night away and immerse yourself in the rhythm of our culture.

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Vietnamese Cuisine

Experience the taste of Vietnam at our food festival, where you'll get to savor the authentic flavors of Vietnamese cuisine, prepared by talented chefs and vendors. From savory "phở" to the iconic Vietnam bread, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Come and indulge in the delicious dishes, and discover the unique and diverse culinary culture of Vietnam, all in one place.

What We Do

Community Support

The activities of Taste of Vietnam

Taste of Vietnam also contributes to charitable activities and supports the Vietnamese community in Canada and around the world. We believe in giving back to the community and creating a positive impact through our actions.


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We strive to empower individuals and communities by providing opportunities for growth and development. Our goal is to inspire and motivate people to reach their full potential and make a meaningful difference in their lives and the lives of others.

Vietnamese Culture


We are proud to promote and celebrate the rich heritage and culture of Vietnam. Through our events and activities, we aim to share and educate others about the customs, traditions, and values that make the Vietnamese culture unique and vibrant.

​Our Events

Check out our past Taste of Vietnam events over the years, and join us for more unforgettable experiences in the future. Let's create lasting memories together!

Taste of Vietnam IV.jpeg

Taste of Vietnam Toronto IV 2024


🌸 Get ready for an extraordinary experience in 2024 as we bring you the most joyous and heartwarming festival yet – Taste of Vietnam Toronto IV, themed around the cherished TRAU CAU WEDDING traditions from the North, Central, and South regions of Vietnam.

💖💕💘 Whether you're planning your wedding for next year or commemorating a special anniversary, we invite you to become a part of the grandest wedding celebration Toronto has ever seen. Embrace the love, traditions, and cultural richness that define the soul of Vietnam.

🎉🎊 Let's come together to make your special moments even more memorable, surrounded by the vibrant colors, captivating performances, and delicious cuisines that characterize Taste of Vietnam events. This is not just a festival; it's an unforgettable journey of love and unity.

🌷 Stay connected with us on Instagram and Facebook for regular updates

📢 Calling all passionate individuals and interns! Join our Taste of Vietnam Toronto organizing team for 2024 and be a part of creating unforgettable memories. Send your resume to and contribute to making this event an absolute success! 🌟